Naomie also known as  "Nivaeh Angel", is a committed and driven model.  She started started 7 years ago on her own through different agencies and building her own portfolio . Her first audition to be on T.V. came at the age of 16. However money was an issue but it didn't stop her. She kept on the path of modeling and styling later on in life. Her goal, is to become a successful super model and personal stylist. But not just any super model, but one that can inspire other young woman like herself to go for their dreams and never stop no matter how many people tell them 'NO'. She is  very open minded and free, when its comes to styling and being on the runway. Not only is she open minded, but she lets her imagination and personality speak through every piece she puts together either it be for the runaway or herself. Styling and modeling is not only a part of her life but also her "way of life". Although her focus is school and work, she still makes time to do what she loves. Expanding and moving up in her career, is something she's not afraid of. Her sense of style is very bright vibrant but mostly unique. Always new and different but very sweet. 

Tummy Time Charity Fashion Show June 6, 2013

Pink Carpet Fashion Show- June 7, 2013

Benevolence Charity Fashion Show Miami- March/3/2013 (runway model)

Black History Fashion Show Miami: Feb/24/2013 -Protege Modeling CO (runway model)

AIU Fashion Show:November/2010(model)
AIU Fashion Show:December/2011(model)
Modeling Class Davie: Protege Modeling CO