Alonzo Holloman, also known as “SHAIQSPERE" was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. He wanted to become a stylist that can style even the very box a person will be willing to think outside of when it comes to styling and fashion it self. Even when going to school his sense of style was different then anyone else's.

He wanted a name that would  truly describe who he really is. “SHAIQSPERE” is not just a name it’s a brand.  He wanted to create something unique. He began working on his  portfolio when he returned home from a Deployment sometime last year.  His motto, “Let Me Style Even The Very Box You Think Outside Of”, is a motto that is very unique. As a Hardworking, Reliable, Enthusiastic, Personal Stylist and Military Vet.  Shaiqspere (Alonzo) also has a passion for delivering excellent styling suggestions, whether it be for photo shoots, fashion shows, parties, events or just you’re every day wear.